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Flowliner car and motorcycle fuel tank liner

Flowliner Armour Coat is high quality, professional motorcycle fuel tank liner, offering resistance to tank coating failure and rust caused by age and the use of modern fuels. As motorcycle experts with over 80 years of experience, Flowliner tank coating is the product of our own extensive research and development.

Flowliner Armour Coat product

Aside from age and normal wear and tear, a big problem with fuel tanks is the presence of alcohol products (such as ethanol) in modern fuel, which eventually breaks down the fuel tank coating, causing leaks and rusting to the metal structure. While you can switch out your fuel tank and replace it with a new one, if you ride a classic bike, you may well be out of luck.

Therefore, you can either pay to have the tank welded, or use a fuel tank coating to form an internal lining for protection. However, not all fuel tank liners and coatings were created equal…

Rusty Ducati petrol tank before treatment

After the Bio Rust and Flowliner Armour Coat sealant

Why Flowliner coating is the ideal fuel tank coating

Regular fuel tank coatings will eventually fail with the use of modern fuels, but Flowliner Armour Coat is completely resistant to ethanol and other damaging products. It’s even suitable for sealing fiberglass and to eliminate tank distortion in nylon/plastic tanks.

Our specially developed Flowliner fuel tank liner is a solvent-free, white epoxy two-part ambient temperature cure product that offers outstanding mechanical, thermal, physical and high temperature properties when fully cured.

One Flowliner kit will treat most tanks up to 25 litres (you can use less if required), with a mix ratio of exactly 100 to 25 of hardener, measured by weight.

The development of our high-performance motorbike fuel tank liner

The story of Flowliner dates back to the late 60s when we started lining leaking fuel tanks on racing Go-Kart fuel, before further utilising it on competition trial and motocross bikes that were fitted with fiberglass tanks.

While our fuel tank liner was effective, we soon realised that old, classic motorcycle and cars suffered with rust contamination in the carburettors, so through extensive research and testing, we re-developed the Flowliner brand to create a product that would remove the rust without damaging the metal tank. This product is the Flowliner Bio-Rust which is a biodegradable rust remover that safely removes any rust from ferrous metals. The Bio-Rust is very versatile and can be used on any rusty equipment including gardening, farming, industrial, automotive & household tools & metal components.

Flowliner Bio-Rust rust remover
Ethanol proof tank liner kit

As years went by, we noticed that there was a problem with the fuels attacking the fibreglass petrol tanks, distorting them and bubbling the exterior paint work, and also distorting plastic tanks. It also attacked the old tank coating due to the increased usage of ethanol in fuel – so we went back to development and created the 100% ethanol-proof Flowliner Armour Coat that we provide today.

Flowliner has also been used on army tanks, tractor tanks and has also been purchased by a leading UK motorcycle manufacturer.

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Now we supply Flowliner fuel tank liners and coatings to wholesale distributors and directly through our online store for delivery – or you can arrange collection from our shop in Leeds on Mondays or Wednesdays between 10am and 3pm, or alternative days by appointment.