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Flowliner Tank coating and Bio-Rust Kit


A two pack solvent-free epoxy fuel tank coating developed to prolong the life of your ageing fuel tank and protect it against the ethanol in modern fuels. Including Rust Remover.

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FLOWLINER Bio-Rust and FLOWLINER Internal petrol tank coating kit includes :-   1000 gm of Flowliner Bio-Rust a biodegradable and safe dipping or pouring solution which makes up to 20 litres of rust removing solution. Our Flowliner Armour coat which is a two pack solvent free epoxy fuel tank coating. This has been developed to prolong the life of your ageing fuel tank. Our liner treats and coats the inside to form an inner lining. This will seal small leaks and to protect the metal structure from rusting, due to the hydroscopic nature in modern fuels.   625 gram kit will treat most tanks up to a 25 litre.

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Weight2.09 kg
Dimensions22 × 11 × 26 cm

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