Motorcycle Inner Tubes and Tyre Accessories

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Tyre Security Bolt

Quality Alloy Security Bolt (rim lock) Rim Width WM3 (2.15) The Security Bolt eliminates tyre movement caused by acceleration or braking. It will help stop the inner tube becoming detached from the tyre valve.


Tyre Security Bolt

Our Quality Alloy Security Bolt (rim lock) is suitable for Rim Widths of WM2 (1.85). The Security Bolt helps to eliminate tyre movement when you are riding. The bolt will help stop the inner tube becoming detached from the tyre valve. Any tyre movement can be detrimental to your smooth ride and can be caused by acceleration or braking. We highly recommended using on your classic motorcycle.


Tyre Security Bolt

Quality Alloy Security Bolt (rim lock) Rim Width WM1 (1.60) The Security Bolt eliminates any tyre movement that is caused by acceleration or braking. The security bolt will help stop the inner tube becoming detached from the tyre valve.


Tyre Lever

One heavy duty drop-forged tyre lever 9½ inches long


Rim Tapes

Our heavy duty quality rim tapes offer a great protection. The rim tape will minimise any friction or contact from your wheel spokes and nipples to your inner tube.


C. Wylde’s Inner

This range of inner tubes have been carefully selected from leading suppliers. Quality is important to us and counts when it comes to inner tunes. All our tubes are suitable for all your classic and modern motorcycles needs helping to keep your ride smooth & safe.


Avon Inner Tubes

Our Avon inner tubes are manufactured from Butyl Rubber. Synthetic rubbers are more resistant to oil, certain chemicals and oxygen. They have better aging and weathering characteristics. Butyl tubes are also provide good resilience over a wider temperature range. Butyl is less permeable than natural rubber so good for preventing air loss. If for any reason we are out of stock of the Avon tubes we will supply Michelin Air Stop tubes or other top quality tubes.


Choosing the right motorcycle inner tubes

The quality of your ride and performance of your bike is very much dependent on the tyres you fit, and that includes ensuring you have the right inner tube too. You should be able to find the inner tube size you require by checking the tyre sidewall, and then cross-referencing the rim size/width parameters of the inner tube you’re considering. Alternatively, you can search our motorbike inner tubes online by size to quickly find the options available for your requirements.

Why your motorbike’s inner tubes matter

Getting the right size inner tube for your motorbike is essential for a few reasons. If the tube isn’t big enough, there will be areas where it doesn’t sit in contact with the sidewall, giving a ‘mushy’ feel on the road, and there’s also a risk that you’ll overcompensate with too much air. An over-inflated inner tube is more vulnerable to damage, meaning faster replacements and potential issues while riding. If you select an inner tube that’s too big, you’ll be left with a surplus of rubber within the tyre – potentially causing pinching issues.

Changing your inner tubes

For regular riders, it’s a good idea to change your inner tubes periodically – every 6 to 12 months is often recommended. Incorrectly fitted inner tubes can cause problems too, so if you’re not sure what you’re doing, please ask a professional to help. Pay particular attention to the valve stem, which is a common culprit of inner tube damage, and consider using French chalk when fitting to minimise internal friction.

Inner tubes and accessories

We also offer a range of quality motorcycle tyre accessories via our online store, including security bolts, rim tapes and tyre levers. Please take a look and place your order now! You can buy from our range of motorbike inner tubes and tyre accessories online via our website for home delivery, or if you’re a local customer, you can arrange collection from our shop in Leeds on Mondays or Wednesdays between 10am and 3pm, or other days by appointment.

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