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Pazon & Wassell Ignitions

Established over eight decades ago in Leeds, Wyldes offer extensive experience in the sourcing and supply of motorbike tyres, parts and accessories – and when it comes to motorcycle ignition systems, we highly recommend Pazon ignitions for their exceptional quality.One of the key reasons that we advise choosing Pazon motorcycle ignition systems for replacements and upgrades is their excellent ability to restore performance - particularly in classic motorbikes – that can be lost due to an incompatibility between older engines and modern fuels.If you have a classic bike and are experiencing issues with your ignition timing sparking too early or too late, then it may be time to upgrade to a Pazon ignition system

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Problems with motorcycle ignition systems

Any biker knows that problems with the ignition system can leave you stranded, so you want to identify the issue and get it fixed as soon as possible. If you’re fairly comfortable working on your bike, ignitions can be fairly straightforward to repair or replace – and we can help you get the right ignition system or parts for your needs.

If your ignition system is causing you trouble and the switch is working fine, you need to run through a few initial checks to identify the problem. Check fuses, plug wires and spark plug caps, and if these are all intact you’ll need a multimeter to test your ignition coil – YouTube has plenty of videos to show you how. This will help you to isolate the problem so you know which parts need replacing.

You may also simply want to change your motorbike ignition system to improve your bike’s performance – we’re happy to offer our advice if you need any assistance.

The problem with fuels and older ignition systems

Performance-wise, many classic motorbike riders find that their engines run hot – and often, this is due to the lead-free and low octane fuels we find in the modern marketplace. It’s not uncommon to experience ‘pinking’, and have to adjust the throttle and gear as you drive to retain a consistent level of power.

Pazon ignition systems allow your engine to work with today’s fuels, restoring performance and giving you and your bike a new lease of life!

Motorcycle ignition systems online or in store

You can order and purchase Pazon motorcycle ignition systems online via our website for delivery to your home or nominated address, or you can arrange to collect in person from our shop in Leeds on Mondays or Wednesdays between 10am and 3pm, or other days by appointment.