Flowliner Bio-Rust Kit

FLOWLINER Bio-Rust rust remover.

FLOWLINER Bio-Rust rust remover is a safe none toxic bio-degradable product that will remove light to very heavy rust from ferrous metals and steel. The Bio-Rust does this without damaging the item, unlike blasting, acid dips or grinding.  FLOWLINER BIO-RUST is Ideal for the removal of rust from motorcycle parts, car parts and petrol tanks prior to using a PETROLTANK COATING or paints.

The FLOWLINER BIO-RUST 1000 gram kit will make up to a 20 litres of dipping or pouring solution.



Any Items that are oily or have any grease deposits must be thoroughly cleaned with a degreaser as any contamination will retard the FLOWLINER BIO-RUST solution. Once degreased, rinse thoroughly in clean hot water to remove any degreaser and oil contamination.



Decide on the quantity of dipping solution required, you can mix at a ratio of up to 20:1 (20 parts of water to 1 part of FLOWLINER BIO-RUST crystals). For heavily corroded items you can use a  stronger the mix 10:1(10 parts of water to 1 part of FLOWLINER BIO-RUST crystals).

First find a suitable container, plastic buckets or storage boxes make ideal containers. Fill the vessel with the correct amount of water and add the required amount of FLOWLINER BIO-RUST crystals. Mix thoroughly until the crystals have dissolved. To help speed up the rust removal process hot water may be used. Place the rusty items in the FLOWLINER BIO-RUST solution. Depending on the severity of the corrosion,  leave to soak from 12 to 24 hours and check periodically to see how the action is working.

Remove the item and wash in clean water, a little agitation with a scrubbing brush will remove any surplus deposits. When dry you will need to protect your item with light oil or a painting process. For a short term protection you can re dip into the FLOWLINER BIO-RUST solution and let it dry. This will protect for up to 4 weeks depending on the storage conditions and humidity. Wash thoroughly before you are ready to paint your item.

The FLOWLINER BIO-RUST solution will carry on working until the solution blackens. This is due to the rust deposits which weaken the solution. The Bio Rust solution can be used for any other rusty objects you have until it reaches this point.


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