Girling Classic Motorcycle Shock Absorbers

Genuine Girling OEM Shock Absorbers for classic twins.

Girling Shock Absorbers for classic twins are manufactured to allow greater flexibility as both the shock length and pre-load settings can be adjusted.
The overall length can be adjusted to plus or minus 5mm, and the spring load can be accurately tuned to an individual’s body weight, or riding style.

Genuine Girling OEM Shock Absorbers for classic twins are supplied with an extensive universal bush kit using modern durable polyurethane bushings, with push in anodised alloy sleeves.

Each set of shocks is supplied with a dual ended ‘C’ spanner, so that the spring can be removed, simply by removing the bottom sleeve and the lock rings.

The fully shrouded set, has black powder coated springs, with chrome lower and black powder coated upper covers. The exposed spring set, is supplied with premium quality chrome plated steel springs.

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